Thursday, February 09, 2006

Does My Fat Ass Make Me Look Fat?

Sometimes when I get busy I forget to blog. So quit yer bellyaching here's a post:


Busy is a dumb word. Bizzy = Busy? Whoever invented English is lame.
Come to think of it Dumb is a dumb word. Silent e = good idea. Silent b = lame.


A PTA lady got super mad at me today over a Girl Scout skirt for her daughter. Best comment of the whole blow up: "Well you have never done anything for me have you, Kate".

Tip: Don't ever say that, unless a) Kate has never done anything for you and b) You want to look super selfish and bitchy.

I hear Selfish and Bitchy is the new look for Spring though...


February is seeming to suck for so many of my friends. Thank the FSM it is a short month. Let's rock March like its 1999.


That's all you get for now my peeps. Haven't been pokering lately cause of my cute kids and stuff. Back soon! mwa!


April said...

You are my favorite Queen Bitch. Until Hellcat gets old enough, may I be your princess?

StudioGlyphic said...

Jesus Christ. What's wrong with people? No one has any class these days.

StudioGlyphic said...

Who's Kate?


Easycure said...

PTAs are SO gay - more so than poker, poker blogging and "dropping the hammer" combined.


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