Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where have I been - what do you mean where have I been???

Hi peepley poos! OK ok I guess I haven't blogged in a while. I have an excuse. Here, read it:

Dear Peeps,

Please excuse facty from writing in her blog for the last little while. She has had a lot on her mind with all the sucking at poker and parenting she has been doing.

Facty's Mom

There. happy? yay!On to the blogging.

First: POKER

Poker is a game that sucks and should die diE DIE! Or maybe I should start playing better. I dropped down in levels and am committed to playing with more discipline - but it feels like the game has gotten tougher.


My kids are ready for summer to start and ready for a visit home with their cousins. Thus, it is the time of year for struggles to get to school.

Yesterday my son was very mad at his teacher for making him write a story, so he wrote "I saw a mouse. I used poison on it. Now its dead. The End." That's my son, the writer!

Third: What am I up to?

I am trying to get into an art history program at one of the local universities. Hanging out with a few of the poker wives, trying to keep the house clean and book travel around Europe (and home! see you in July!).

Finally, seven random things about me:

1. I sort the silverware as I put it into the dishwasher, then I can grab it by type and throw it into the silverware tray. If someone else loads the dishwasher I will re-sort the cutlery.

2. I have a keen sense of smell - I have found gas leaks in two schools with my olfactory precision!

3. I am fascinated by carnies and travellers and ren faire folk. I realize if I ever go missing the FBI will find this post and look for me there, but I am much more likely to be kidnapped by pirates that run away with the circus.

4. One time a drunk guy who loved me tried throwing rocks at my window to wake me. When that didn't work he started calling my name really really loud until my dad told him to knock it off and go home. And that drunk guys name was.... not fhwrdh!! *gasp*!

5. I'm a bit of a foodie, but wish I liked cooking more.

6. My wedding ring only cost fhwrdh one cent. (from his mother - I love my ring!)

7. My sister and I can cluck the soprano and alto parts of Halleluja Chorus from the Handel's Messiah like chickens. We are looking for two gentleman who can hold up the bass and tenor parts as a bull and goat. Astoundingly, so far no takers. Speaker?

More blogging soon my peepley poops! I promise!


change100 said...

Facty's back!! Yayyyyyyy!

Deborah said...

I hope the most awesome 10 year old got a A+++++ on his story because I thought it was fabulous. What more do you need than a beginning, middle, and end? And school is stoooopid anyways.

Denise said...

I happy to read again. Your son, my grandson is amazing. I love you Denise

TanOrpheus said...

Hi Facty,

We have a "Euro-bloggerment" every Sunday night at 9pm on Stars for any bloggers & readers at a time when both sides of the pond can play, don't know if you can make it but it'd be great to see you sometime.

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Josephine Nicole said...

I am starting to think you have another blog somewhere and this one is just here to amuze those of us who still check for new material. :(

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