Wednesday, May 04, 2005


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I am falling behind on my television viewing due to my awesome power at online poker (I am missing Lost right this minute but how can I leave when I'm up 6 bucks?) Anyway, I was just thinking that one show that I love is Medium. It stars Patricia Arquette, who I love for the fact that she has a normal womans body - she looks like a real person plus her teeth are cool like David Bowie. It also has some other cast members who are really good.

The thing that really draws me back every week though is the opening credit montage. Even if you aren't a TV watcher I encourage you to tune in for the title sequence. They start with a Rorschach test looking kaleidoscope with some other images sprinkled here and there and the music accentuates the eeriness. The way they set the tome for the show in such an artful way is very Saul Bass - and yet a teeny bit 1975 Monday night mystery.

I just want to warn you though, there is one thing about the show that may be off-putting to some (yet thrilling to others) is that the husband walks around in boxer shorts and a t-shirt a lot - which is fine mind you, he is good looking but...but... you can totally see the outline of his weiner. Its a little distracting.


So what else is new - Hellcat is better with the double ear infection and strep and pink eye.

I had to go get a crown on my tooth. Let me tell you something. Crowns belong on Princess heads not teeth.

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