Friday, May 13, 2005

One of Those Days

Blue Sunshine Day
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Ever have one of those days?

Back up, because one thing you need to know about me is that I have a naturally positive outlook on everything. I am so good at looking on the bright side, I have been asked to be a spokesmodel for the bright side and do infomercials. I am so sunny, people riding the bus with me have been literally blinded looking into my chromosphere. its true.

so the last couple of days something strange has been happening. First, my awesome and well documented skills at poker (I beat my mom, I beat my dad and I almost beat fhwrdh) have completely left me. All of a sudden I cant win a hand - even if I get A-Q!

Also, I have this weird feeling that I'm doing everything wrong. Like maybe thinking that I forgot something at home while I'm on my way somewhere. Or I am flaking on someone somewhere that I don't know. Or the PTA moms are just being nice to my face but talk shit behind my back.

One of those days.

But it is Friday. That's pretty cool. And Uchenna and Joyce won The Amazing Race - that rocked. And I did get that cool PTA award for my volunteering on Thursday. And my kids are cute. And fhwrdh is a good guy.

And poker is still fun even if I suck at it.

This message brought to you by The Bright Side. The optimist's friend since 1902.

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