Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy World AIDS Day!

Well there was a little bit of happy news this World AIDS Day, people who are diagnosed HIV+ are living longer more normal lives than ever before. I learned that on NPR today in the car. I was all driving and half listening and half wondering when the new Trader Joes is opening in my neighborhood and all of a sudden I heard the NPR lady say a name I knew. It was my friend who is an epidemiologist and has been studying the AIDS epidemic in Los Angeles for the past several years. She sounded really smart and cool. So I turned up the radio.

She was talking about gay Hispanic men and crystal meth use.

"Mommy, what's gay sex?"


I quickly turned to JACK FM. 867-530niyine... and cranked it up. "What was that honey?"

Soon the children had forgotten all about gay sex and were rocking out to freeform radio oldies.

Thank you Tommy Tutone.


HIV+DaveyBoy said...

Glad people are still caring about HIV/AIDS enough to post awareness on their weblogs. I have AIDS from open heart surgery in the 80s, my wife has AIDS too, she contracted HIV from her nursing job. is a chat server for HIV/AIDS support chats only (rooms for POZ or NEG) , join us for the AIDS Day discussions ;)

StudioGlyphic said...


Buy the kids some handheld gaming machines with ear plugs and you can listen to all the NPR you want.

Joe Speaker said...

I've said it a million times: NPR is bad for the children.

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