Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dear fhwrdh

Dear fhwrdh: An Historical Account

by Ken Burns

PHOTO MONTAGE: family snapshots and memorabilia.

MUSIC: single violin playing "Keep the Homefires Burnin'" (trad.)

VOICE OVER: David McCullough
The software roll-out skirmish of 'ot 5 was in full swing. As engineering battles raged on the front lines, the wives kept the homesteads running and watched for signs that their brave husbands had made it home.

VOICE OVER: Collen Dewhurst
Dear fhwrdh,
I was overjoyed to read the letter you sent - and my heart is gladdened to know that the stockings I knit you fit and matched your uniform.

The children are doing fine. Jellyface has done his best to take on the role of man-of-the-house and has been practicing his farming skills. His ciphering still needs work but I know you will be proud when you come home. Hellcat has been working on her first sampler and darned if her needlework isn't as delicate as Grandma's!

All is returning back to normal after a fire in the barn took one of the she-goats. I have had to cut back on goat cheese hors d'vors but we are all sacrificing in these difficult times.

Well, that is all for now, my love. I must go refill my martini and microwave some hot dogs for the kids.

Your loving wife,

VOICE OVER: David McCullough
fhwrdh was one of the lucky ones who made it home after the fierce battles that raged on the Los Angeles skyline, but only to be tragically devastated when he found his office had been turned into a craft room.


hdouble said...

Just hope you don't get a visit from a sad soldier. Tilt kills.

The Saddest Girl said...

oh ho! you're a blogger! *links*



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