Monday, November 14, 2005

Poker Report: Thanks for the Poker Lesson!

Dealer: factgirl shows a full house, Tens full of Eights
Dealer: tomes275 shows a Royal Flush*
Dealer: tomes275 wins the pot (3,040) with a Royal Flush
Big 'ol Fish: wow, nh
Geo: nothin like a royal
tomey275: ty
Geo: just like real life
D_F: factgirl what were u thinking
factgirl: I had a FULL HOUSE...
Geo: r u serious d_f
D_F: it was easy to see that straight on the board
Geo: twit
Geo: she had a boat
D_F: not sraight flush
Geo: he had a royal
Geo: pay attention
Big 'ol Fish: chances of someone having a royal was very slim

*he played both hole cards (QJ) and rivered the K for the royal.

How will I ever learn to lay down those full houses when there is 3 to the royal flush on the board???


Bill Rini said...

Only lay down your boat to a probable royal flush if someone is pointing a gun at your head and tells you he will pull the trigger if you lose a showdown. Then again, I might even call there too. :-)

April said...

Aren't you lucky to have such pros advising you when you play??? If I have to lose a big hand, better to a Royal than some other worthless crap that gets lucky.

fhwrdh said...

its tough to see the royal when you play with those pink cards.

peacecorn said...


Great game today--looking foward to meeting you in Vegas!

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