Monday, November 21, 2005


Oh. My. God. Y'all.

I totally won a spot in the Shootout in the Desert Tournament! I will be reprezenting the ladies (or Dames if you prefer) of the Blogging Community as well as the Poker Widow Community plus also the PTA. I am honored.

When I won the tourney, I was so excited I ran into the bedroom where my poor poor fhwrdh was sleeping after working mas mucho overtime. I wiggled his shoulder to wake him. "I won!" I whisper-squealed.

"Whaaaaaaa?" he groaned. He was suddenly severely awake

"I won! I won the whole thing!" The look of sweet relief on his face reminded me that the last time I had woken him from an overtime nap was to tell him I was pregnant.


So for the PTA Ladies here's the rundown: I am going to Las Vegas in December with my husband, fhwrdh. I'm going to play in the WPBT (That's World Poker Blogger's Tournament) Winter Classic with about 100 other bloggers. I plan to bust out early and have a mojito, then I will be playing in a winner-take-all 6 person (5 boys and me) tourney. I plan to bust outa that early too. Then I will hang out with Mrs. Hdouble and have more mojitos. Maybe go to the spa for a massage.


The tournament was great. I feel like I played my very best game. My goal was just to have fun because so many good poker people were playing, I really didn't expect to get very far. Then I chatted and had a lot of fun but I was in the zone. Plus I got AA and KK and AK and AQ and they all held up. Yeah, that didn't hurt.

Anyway - sorry to all the people I busted. And thanks to all who stuck around and sweated me. Especially Ephro!

And the most thanks go to Bill Rini for putting the whole thing together. I'm gonna buy you a beer. or a mojito!


phlyersphan said...

Congrats :) See ya in Vegas!

April said...

Nicely done!

StudioGlyphic said...

Actually the official parlance is "broads." Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Way to go PTA Broad! Represent!

bitey said...


You are the wind beneath my wings

The Saddest Girl said...


Easycure said...

Still bitter! (Not really.)

Nice meeting you in Vegas!

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