Sunday, April 03, 2005


Many of you have written in to ask "Facty, what qualifications do you have to write your Complete Poker Tutorial?". (well ok, no one wrote in but fhwrdh did give me the stink eye when I told him I was going to blog about poker).

Well last night I just so happened to have won a poker game. I beat my mom and my dad and I almost beat fhwrdh! So I wanted to share my gift with the world. I'm a giver. Its how I roll. Is that so very wrong mister fhwrdh (if that is your real name)?

That's what I thought.


StudioGlyphic said...

Well let's see... when was the last time fhwrdh actually wrote something about poker?

Too long!

So I don't think he has the right to be critical. And he ought to get that stink eye looked at. Untreated, it could become serious: it's the #13 killer of married men in Indonesia.

fhwrdh said...

what's poker?

facty said...

thank you for your kind support!

I will start nagging fhwrdh to blog more poker (in addition to doing all the things around the house that I want him to do like fix the shower, clean his work-bench, glue the side panel trim back on his car, and other stuff as I think of it).

in fact I haven't nagged him yet this afternoon...

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