Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Epidemic: Day 2

Originally uploaded by theslinky.
Last week I had a totally sore throat. Now my sinuses hurt.

Yesterday Jellyface had a bad sore throat and the sniffles. At school one of the teachers said she had the Whooping cough! That is bullcrap of course - no one gets the whooping cough. She probably had consumption or dropsy.

Now little Hellcat has the sniffles and sore throat. So now I have both kids home from school and they are making messes everywhere. Plus they are filling up the tivo with some of the worst shows ever - like Ed, Edd, and Eddie and Billy and Mandy (sorry Juli H, but your show sucks ass - no offense). There just better be room on Tivo for my Lost and Revelations episodes tonight or those kids are punished!

Wow I don't even feel like eating chocolate right now.

So what else...My hair looks great today - of course because I can't go anywhere to show it off.

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