Monday, April 11, 2005

Factgirl Reviews: Play Without Words

Play Without Words
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It was Christmas, 2004 and we were gathered with family to chow our Christmas turkey (or ham, I really can't recall). We opened our presents a lo, what to my watering eyes should appear, but season tickets to the Ahmanson!

Every evening has been really fun, with stand out performances of Little Shop of Horrors and Caroline or Change, but the most excellent show of all is the current Play Without Words.

First of all, you should know, it includes dancing. In fact, it's all dancing. the entire narrative is told through - gulp - dance. But this is no ordinary Nutcracker, no no !

Its the story of 1960's Rich Guy, who dances his way through buying a big house, hiring a frisky maid and gay butler, making out with his chic girlfriend, making out with his frisky maid, and other great plot twists which I wont give away here. Suffice it to say the story is compelling.

Even more compelling is the choreography. Matthew Bourne cast each character with three dancers - who all dance at the same time. This not only adds to the visual fun, but also serves the story very well, sometimes illustrating what a character feels as opposed to his actions.

The sets and stage direction sometimes bring to mind a cool Shag painting or an episode of Hullabaloo. They round out this funny, sexy, smart treat of a night out.

I recommend it heartily for adults who like doing stuff.

Factgirl rating: 10 out of 10 Morton's Honey Buns


StudioGlyphic said...

Poor fhwrdh. I hope he still has hair after tearing it out all evening.

facty said...

Lucky fhwrdh! He still has plenty of hair because I didnt make him go. Instead, he stayed home with Hellcat and Jellyface.

I know he would have rather played poker at the cute little back room table, but I couldnt get a sitter to take over for him that night.

We will try our best to attend an LA event soon!

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