Friday, April 01, 2005


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Today My sister and I took our kids to the The California Science Center. If you are grown up or don't live in LA, the Ca Sci Ctr is a big science museum in Exposition Park downtown. It has stuff to learn about recycling, alternative fuel sources, how your guts work, and whatnot.

We arrived late because right as we were walking out the door my nice neighbor came over to ask for some lemons. She is very nice and must love lemons. She maybe should think of planting her own lemon tree. I may take a sharpie and write PLANT ME on the side of a lemon and leave it by her door. Ooo that would be sad though if she opens the door and trips on it. I better light it on fire first so she's sure to see it!

Anyway, we were at the Science Center and the kids were learning about how remotes and flash bulbs and radios work when suddenly my sister says "hey I think thats the fire alarm!". Sure enough there is a strobe light on the wall going crazy and a faint little beeep beeep beeep . Then a Fembot Robo-voice came on the intercom "Attention. A fire has been reported in the building. Please exit the building."

Now I have been in a few malls and public areas when a fire alarm goes off and I am always amazed at what happens. People hear the alarm, then confirm visually that the alarm is going off. Then they tell a friend or child or someone near them "hey the fire alarm is going off". Then they stand there like idiots or go back to what they are doing. This is why people die in horrific fires and balcony collapses and all that.

Not my sister and me though. We are survivors! We calmly herded our kids out of the building. Then we complimented them on their excellent survival skills. Then we yelled at Jelly for screaming "RUN EVERYBODY THERE IS A BAD FIRE IN THE BUILDING! SAVE YOURSELVES! FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!!!!!" Then we went over to the flame-free Natural History Museum to check out the freaky Megamouth Shark and Coelacanth.

Oh yeah then on the way home we saw this guy whose car was on fire and he was just sitting there but right in front of us was an army man (or marine or whatever) and he pulled up and got the guy out of his car and helped him. The guy whose car was on fire had a man bag and I started laughing my head off. I love Man Bags. Go Kel Night!!!!

Pop Rocks and Coke baby!


threedy glasses said...

what's a man bag? sorry, old, a little tipsy and not into teen gab

facty said...

Man Bags are purses carried by men.

No need for apologies, I am old and drunk too!

your pal,

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