Friday, April 15, 2005

Seige of Sniffles: Day 4

Jellyface is feeling better but yesterday Hellcat took a turn for the worse. We had picked Jelly up from school and stopped by the market because I'm totally out of frozen pizza, wine and coffee. Halfway through the trip Helly goes "my ear is hurting", it was not ten minutes later before the girl was pale, feverish and in excruciating pain.

I rushed the kids home called the doc - no appointments until Friday. So I gave Helly the only medicine I had that looked like it might help; some kinda Triaminic with Tylonol. Then I put her into a bath. Suddenly, she looks up at me in a panic and mouths silently "help I can't breathe" sure enough her lips are turning blue - she really can't breathe!

So I scoop her out of the tub and rub her really fast with a towel and say "You can breathe! You can breathe!" and suddenly she takes a LOUD breath of air. Man I was so realieved I just hugged her and hugged her.

Woo how dramatic!

So I took her to the doctor this morning and she was a trooper. He told her she had massive infections in both ears, a red thoat and *gasp* pink eye. Her face may just fall off unless her little nose stays healthy. The breathing thing was because her fever broke.

So the eyedrops are 50 bucks and the non-generic Antibiotic was 100 bucks and she still doesn't feel better. Plus she decided she hates getting drops in her eyes. Now I would just love to tell her "aw honey ok, if you don't like the drops we'll just skip them" Like June Cleaver, but dude, those drops were 50 BUCKS! Unless Miss baby can reimburse me for a seafood dinner at a moderatly priced chain restaurant SHE IS GETTIN THE DAMN DROPS!

This is one area where my children differ - Jelly I had to wrestle to the floor and sit on to administer medicine - Helly I just have to play her special chess game of drama until she says uncle. Luckily I INVENTED THAT GAME 30 YEARS AGO! MWA HA HA ! (don't tell her till shes grown out of this phase ok?)

In other news: my fhwrdh brought me kit kats even though he feels like crap. That is reason #1,355,827 why I love him.

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